Nov. 2021 Roads to Home Newsletter

Sunday Nov 21st, 2021



Roads to Home Newsletter  Nov. 2021

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This fall has been super for getting outside and cleaning up before winter hits.

I spoke too soon; winter began last night with a light but sticky snow that dressed up all the trees. Time to get out the skis!
And it’s hard to believe that we have almost arrived at the Christmas holidays again.

I find internet shopping to be frustrating, unreliable and a bit impersonal, so I’m looking for alternatives. Perhaps I can make some real connections with my own community. Connections that could make the community a better place
to live.

How to make this Xmas not about online shopping is
maybe less challenging than you think. You could donate your time or money to Lionhearts Inc. or St Vincent de Paul Food Bank. Be brave and consider re-purposing and re-gifting which gives an extended life to an object that you no longer need or use. Last year I received an 1878 Land Atlas of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Counties. It was a great gift for me! And what about those craft sales. I’m all for those funky hand made aprons, scarves, and sweet pots of jam and local honey




Market News

We are still in a Seller’s Market, but some buyers are getting a bit fussier about what they are willing to put money into. While a fixer upper used to offer great value if you had some DIY vision and talent, the price on these homes has now become out of reach for the most sensible and handy of buyers.

With bidding wars and multiple offers still the norm, real estate sales can be complicated. Call me and I can help make it easier to navigate. Currently I have one new listing in a great location, 904 Ascot Lane in River Park. The completion of the new, multi-million-dollar Third Crossing Bridge will soon make this area prime real estate. Call/text or email me for more details or a showing. Full listing details are on my website at: my-listings

If you are wondering what the latest sales are in your neighbourhood, please call me. 613-929-9327. I’m available for you anytime.

The Gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning...

Sounds gruesome but this is actually the name of a book, and you may guess, doing a thorough ridding of all the stuff you no longer need so that no one else will be burdened with the task after you die.

Since Covid began, I have been decluttering my home and giving away those things no longer needed or used by me, to hopefully be enjoyed by others. I began to see how much excess I have. And I have not thrown it in the garbage either...I have passed it on with good intent.

Do I really need extra boxes of cutlery, plates and mugs, extra lamp fixtures, sink, mirrors, pictures frames galore, plus more? The tiny home mentality is that your space be functional and not overburdened with excess. I like this idea.

One of the reasons people keep things is sentimentality. You could be saving all this heirloom stuff thinking your children, or


their children, will appreciate it only to have your estate bearers order a dumpster after your demise and throw it all in! God forbid! Try giving it away to family with an oral history now... sooner than later. It will mean more to them.

Millennials and Gen Z’s are said to value “experiences” over “things” and the goal of living sustainably. One thing I believe is of value are pictures and these could use some oral history with them. Upload photo albums and add a narrative for future generations. When giving away heirlooms, include the history of the piece with it. Future genealogists will be grateful...Swedish or not!

Profile Magazine


page3image42533760You may have come across this magazine at the doctor’s ordentists office. But since Covid waiting at the office has been eliminated or vastly reduced. It is a great Kingston magazine and has been in print for manyyears. I recently bought an ad in it and have some copies of it to hand out if anyone is interested. This issue features an Isabel Turner, long time politician and Yessica Rivera Belsham, a nurse and artist whose artwork includes representation of the Mexican Day of the Dead. This issue also promotes many events scheduled around the holidays as we begin to open up. Please contact me and I’ll drop off a copy to you!


Volunteering for Lionhearts

I volunteered for Lionhearts this week with a number of other Realtors and it felt good to be donating my time for a good cause. They do terrific work in this community. To learn more about volunteering or making donations visit:


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