May 2020 Roads to Home Newsletter

May 2020 Roads to Home Newsletter

Tuesday May 12th, 2020


May 4, 2020

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Roads to Home NewsletterNanny!

Ultimate home survival test, Pre-list home inspections more.

It’s May 2020 and we have gone through over a month of social distancing and staying home far more than we are used to. We are enduring the ultimate home survival test. Separated from family members is I appreciate staying connected by facetime, Facebook and phone. But, spring is here and the trees are starting to bud out and flowers are blossoming. Why not step out just a bit and maybe take a look back and see what we like and don’t like in our home environment and contemplate any changes.

I’ve heard from a lot of clients that now realize that they love working from home and therefore making an office space is a priority. And those who missed the gym and realized they needed a workout space at home. And those who realized baking was a thrill might need a kitchen with double ovens! Whatever it is that helps us love and enjoy our homes is part of what keeps us sane I think. I’ve had a lot of phone chats with friends and clients about how we are coping with this time. Amid the terrible loss of life, jobs, school and daily routines weneed some cheery thing to laugh about each day. Something that brings us up. I’ve had a few good laughs about home life that would make good comic strip fodder. It helps keep me sane for sure.

The value of a pre-list Inspection Report

For Buyers, I always recommend a home inspection as a condition within the offer. The results can be a negotiating point especially in there are major repairs that were not visible in the initial viewing. But there are also benefits for Sellers to have a pre-listing inspection done in some circumstances.

As Sellers, here are a few reasons why a pre-listing home inspection can be good idea.

1. It eliminates surprises that may arise from a buyer-initiated inspection

2. The seller has an opportunity to address any deficiencies before listing

3. It may result in fewer conditions in a buyer's offer and facilitate a quicker sale

4. A clean inspection report can be a major selling point and make the sale go smoother

Home Inspections range in price from about $350-
$450. and certain things are covered and some are not. It's a good idea to ask inspectors what they cover and what they don’t.

Home inspectors can only report on what they see. They are covered by liability insurance but will often refer to a specialist to cover things that are beyond the scope of their knowledge.

Some items not usually covered are:

  1. Swimming pool inspections

  2. Sewer line from house to road inspection

  3. Lead water lines from house to street

  4. Rural septic and well inspections

  5. Asbestos testing

Generally, an inspector can only view what is readily visible without taking apart walls or removing anything.

Virtual Tours - the new norm

If you are thinking of selling, I now offer professional virtual tours including drone footage & house plans. When showings take place there are safe practices for both Buyers and Sellers to limit risk of infection and both parties are required to confirm that they have not travelled in the last 2 weeks and are not exhibiting any symptoms.

Virtual tours offer the Buyer a chance to look through a home enough to say that they are interested enough to have a in person showing. As the lockdown relaxes more listings will come on MLS with the virtual tour as a first showing and precautionary measures during in person showings and inspections.

As part of my ongoing technical updates for Real Estate virtual tours, I recently purchased a super camera drone that can highlight your property from the air.

And even museums are offering virtual tours which is fantastic considering travel will be limited for some time. exhibits/

This is a google tour:

Black civil rights movement: a great photo exhibit on the African American women’s civil rights movement. change-african-american-women-and-the-civil-rights- movement/GQJCFcoqbi5yJg

...and this is a link to the annual Hot Docs festival now online until the end of May. It’s not free but has a lot of great new films to offer from the comfort of your own home.

I’m looking for more all the time. I think options like these are going to be the main stay for cultural entertainment for the next year or more.

If you have any virtual museums sites please share with me.

Spring into action

While spending more time at home lately, it gives us all a chance to sort take stock and sort through the accumulation of stuff we can all gather in our homes. Whether thinking of selling or just wanting to clear and clean up your home environment it can be very rewarding to organize and make changes that make your home more appealing.

The lists can be endless but starting with closets and windows always has worked for me.

• Closets (too many shoes/coats/hats/dust bunnies!) • Windows...inside and out...let the light in
• Kitchen and bathroom cleaning and re-caulking
• Exterior...gardening

Most unwanted clothing/toys/gadgets/ furniture /appliances can be recycled. Do what you can both physically and time wise. There will be a time, hopefully soon, when you can hire someone to help inside and outside. If you are in need of listing soon, I can help you find some handy helpers to make your home look its best.


Due to COVID, home listings have dropped about 12% from last year.  In Kingston, prices haven’t dropped. This is largely due to the lack of inventory which is keeping the trend of a Sellers market. The next few months will give a better idea of when the real estate marketplace will rebound. For more information or a market evaluation, please contact me.  I can be reached at 613-929-9327 or

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