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Tuesday Oct 11th, 2022


Roads to Home Newsletter

Truth and Reconciliation Day

This has been a long time coming - Sept. 30th, a day to honour indigenous peoples who first gathered on this land. And what a spectacular day it was! I decided to honour this day with a walk through Little Cataraqui Conservation Authority and it was staged to do just that. A contemplative walk, giving thanks to the trees and wildlife and hoping that the scars that colonialism left will heal. This has been a long journey and it has only just begun.

Years ago, I worked in the Calgary Public Library in the records and film department. There was a native elder with a beautiful grey braid that would come into the library every day and ask for this one Blackfoot singing album that we had. The room had record players set up with comfortable chairs and headphones. He would often start chanting along while listening. As the librarian, I had to go up to him and put my finger to my lips to shh him. I hated to have to do this. I always felt that he needed to sing along. The album eventually wore out and I don’t think it was ever replaced and I never saw him come back after that. This experience left me feeling like this culture was becoming lost especially in the booming ‘stampede’ mentality of Calgary.

Cooler Market Dilemmas

As temperatures drop into fall we are also seeing a cooler housing market. This isn’t such a bad thing. As interest rates climb prices on homes have stabilized. They are not dropping in Kingston to pre-pandemic lows. In fact there is still a general lack of housing on market here which is keeping prices from falling too much. Elsewhere in Canada they are seeing greater price reductions. The hardest hit in this current market are first time buyers who now must qualify at much higher rates.  The fixed rate as of Oct. 11th is 5%.  

When is a good time to buy or sell in the real estate market? If you have extra cash, real estate will always be considered a safe investment. It has been a shown over and over again that real estate, if done with good consultation, is one of the best long term investments. As interest rates rise and inflation increases, a lot of people are putting a home sale and/ or purchase on hold. But if you have a reason to purchase, it is not necessarily a bad time to do so. Some benefits to this market are; prices have stabilized allowing a much saner process for both Sellers and Purchasers.  Sellers can still expect to still do well since the increase in the value of homes over the past 2 years isn’t reversing to pre-pandemic prices. And Buyers can be happy that offers are not usually being held back to a certain date, with fewer bidding wars and more often with finance and inspection conditions and some price flexibility.

Val’s cell: 613-929-9327

Whether buying or selling for pleasure or investment, I’m here to help you make informed decisions. My services include; up to date market evaluations, professional marketing, expert negotiation and offer preparation and presentation, daily buyer home searches and home tour scheduling. With 12 years of successful real estate sales experience and personal experience with new home and older home construction I can help make your property sales and purchases be positive. I look forward to working with you and any friends and family you may refer.

Making Radio on Climate Issues

Extreme weather and the cause - climate change has been at the top of our news lately and always pushing me to rethink the imprint we have on our most essential home - this planet. What we can do as a society to alter the trajectory of climate change and at this point reinforce the urgency to take action now for future generations? I recently attending a promotional event at the newly revamped Broom Factory (Cataraqui and Rideau St.) that brought environment to the fore through a Radio drama called, The Makers and Shakers Society. Clarke Mackey, a long time filmmaker and Kingstonian created this radio play during the pandemic.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, this all Kingston cast works through some of the pressing issues and obstacles faced now and in the coming years. It is definitely worth a listen and can be found airing on CFRC every Thursday at 7pm or find all 6 episodes on this website: Here’s a review to peak your interest: “The Makers and Shakes Society is a compelling story that takes us from the present into a future most of us dread. But it doesn’t simply present the bleak climate apocalypse. The characters’ emotional journeys through the crisis also make us think about how we can prevent it from happening. It’s well-told, exciting and hard to stop listening.” – Rebecca Schechter, award-winning screenwriter: North of 60, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Little Mosque on the Prairie, and former Writer’s Guild of Canada President.

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE GREAT PUMPKIN PARTY As a fun way to say thanks to all my clients and celebrate this time of year, I am inviting to join me Sat. Oct. 22/22 11-1pm at the Sutton office parking lot for fun and free pumpkins. Bring yourselves, bring the kids, dress in costume or come as you are. There will be silly games, tasty treats, much merriment and of course pumpkins!

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