Val's April 2020 Newsletter

2020 April Newsletter

Wednesday Apr 22nd, 2020


Who would have thought we would be told to go home and stay home!   It’s been a month of being shut down and I’m not sure I fair that well being distanced from people.   I have days when I’m fearful and I don’t get anything accomplished and then days when I clean the house, do a bit of gardening and surf the internet.   Amid all the bad news, I’m looking looking for good things, things that make me smile and laugh.  I’m also doing a lot of phone conversations as I’m sure you are.  But I welcome more.   I invite you to call me just to talk.   My repertoire for good conversation is not limited to real estate,  I can also converse on subjects of art and literature, gardening, raising chickens and horses and various adventures.  The filmmaker in me knows how to weave a good story.   I invite you to tell me yours.  My time not doing real estate or cleaning up around my house is looking for good stories - I welcome you to share your stories.   Please call me at 613-929-9327.

Working from home

If you are, there is a lot of advice out there on what you should do.  I don’t necessarily think all of these are valid for me.  So I have added my comments.   

1. Build a permanent work space.  Not necessary.  I use the kitchen counter mainly as it is closer to the kettle and fridge.

2. Get comfortable office furniture.  Not necessary.  Use your couch and anything else that’s comfortable.

3. Set real work hours.  Since my hours were always opposite to others I don’t adhere to this.

4. Avoid work creep. Sounds creepy so best to get it done.

5. Discover Your High Productivity periods.  My highs are when I’m working with people helping them with anything.  The slow real estate market due to COVID makes me search for other ways to help bring value to my clients.

6. Make To-Do-Lists.  Sticky notes are fun.

7. Use a planner.  I’ve got one that doubles as a doodle pad 

8. Stick to one task at a time.  That is not how my mind works…I’m a multi tasking gal.

9. Don’t work in the living room.  Why’s probably more comfortable.

10. Set a morning routine.  Coffee, puzzle, work.

11. Set 2+ Alarms.  Wow, I stopped using alarms years ago because it made me grumpy to be woken up that way.  

12. Don’t start your work day in your PJ’s.  Why not? Be comfortable.  Keep conference calls on a head shot.

13. Exercise and stretch regularly.  That’s a must for me

14. Do what works for you!

If you need any real estate advice, my home office is open to you anytime.  613-929-9327.


Support local food growers 

Anytime is a good time to support local food growers but in this particular time it is also a safe and wise choice.  It not only helps support our local farmers but knowing where your food comes from is extremely important.  If you check their websites, most of these folks can deliver so you will also be avoiding the line ups at the grocery store.

Here is a list of local food growers:   

The Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market is now available on line at

Wendy’s Country Market:

Limestone Organic Creamery:

Patchwork Gardens:

Maple Ridge Farm has beef, pork, eggs & honey:

Fat of the Land Farm:

Sugar Hill Farm:

Thorpe Farms:


Root Radical CSA

Roots Down Organic Farm

Charlie’s Acres

Fat Chance Farmstead


In addition, it is always fun and rewarding to start some seeds in your sunniest window ledge and enjoy your own produce.   


Tree Planting & hugging… 

4 years ago I took part in the Plant a Million trees program and had 4500 seedlings planted on my property.  The first summer there was a drought and many of them didn’t make it.  Rick Knapton, the forester at the Cataraqui Conservation Authority recently estimated that 1/3 had survived.  This year they are going to try and plant a few more in the empty spaces.  It takes a long time for trees to grow and I really appreciate trees.  I always knew I was a bit of a treehugger!

Treehugging and pet hugging are great “calmers of the soul”.  In this time where we are being asked to distance ourselves a little tree hugging is totally okay.   And animals and trees don’t talk back or get judgemental - they just accept.   

Local film on Amputee Circus Camp

Last June I was asked to Produce a film on an Amputee Circus Camp that was hosted by Kingston Circus Arts.  Participants came from all over North America and spent a week working on silks and hoops.  I was amazed at the energy and the determination of this group.  The week ended with a 10 minute performance at the Ontario Contemporary Circus Showcase in Toronto.  The film was, in part, paid for by Bell Fibe 1.  So if anyone has Bell Fibe, check channel 1 over the next month and look for “Amp Camp”.   We are hoping it will be picked up by other broadcasters so if CBC picks it up I will definitely give you the dates if that happens.   




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